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“La Buseta” Recioto della Valpolicella Classico D.O.C.G. Corte Merciis produced from the Valpolicella Classica  grapes from the hills of Jago. It is a unique wine, one of a kind at a national level, produced from dried grapes, partially fermented in order to preserve the natural sugars of the grapes. It is extracted from the marc ( remains of the grapes) and decanted into stainless steel barrels until the correct body and sweetness is obtained, and that a fresh wine is produced, sweet but not cloying, a sweet wine which "can be enjoyed".

Wine Tasting:



Red in colour, purple.


Sweet red wine with a bright purple red color, extremely fruity, delicate but with a well-marked hints of black cherry and ripe red berries


Dessert, best served with pastries.
Serving suggestion:

Serving suggestion:

Open bottle 30 minutes before drinking. Pour into large glasses at a temperature of 14°C.

The Land:

The vines are situated in the heart of Valpolicella Classica in the valley of Negrar in the hilly zone between 350 and 450 m above sea level, facing south west and south east next to Jago. The land is varied, clay, chalky and in some parts volcanic with a good amount of rock fragments. The style of the grassy plant is “Double Veronese Pergola” with a density of 3.300 vines per hectare.

Wine Making:

We carry out the harvest between the end of September and the beginning of October, selecting and picking the grapes only by hand. The bunches of grapes are placed in crates, also known as “ploto“ weighing a maximum of 6 kg, they are destined to be dried in the fruit sheds for 120/150 days depending on the climatic conditions of the season as well as the maturing season and the resting period.
During the winemaking, between January and February, we carry out a destalking and pressing of the dried grapes and we empty the crates, where the grapes have been resting, one by one, so that we can carry out another quality control.
Fermentation occurs in winemaking in containers made of stainless steel which have a capacity of hl 125 in a controlled temperature, with two manual extractions based on what is required. Fermentation takes between 20-30 days. It is the wine that then decides when it is the right moment to proceed to the racking process, respecting the natural timings of the process in order to complete the alcoholic fermentation.

Refining and Aging:

This takes place in the cellar in order that a constant natural temperature is maintained and so that only a minimum variation in temperature is felt from the outside. For 6 months it remains in stainless steel vats with a capacity of hl 20. After which it proceeds to be aged in bottles for around 3 months.

Given that it is a natural product, this data can be subject to variations.

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