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Corte Merci is part of the Protocol Reduce Saving Respect of Integrated Production in Valpolicella.

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The “Reduce, Respect, Retrench” Protocol of Valpolicella’s Integrated Production gives the possibility to do the plant health protection using products with a lower environmental impact, maintaining a certain persistence and residue. 
If it is possible to use different strategies or techniques, it gives priority to the biological and agronomical methods to guarantee a lower environmental impact close to a sustainable agricolture.

The use of chemical products is limited only in cases where a biological or agronomical alternative is not available.
The list of pesticides is based on the concept of precaution, not only for those who use them, but also for people who live in the agricultural area nearby.
The product specification excludes the use of pesticides if exists an alternative as herbicides, insecticides or botritycides.
From a social point of view the production of primary goods corresponds to particular necessities of environmental and land protection, health of the places frequented by people. 
The Integrated Production preserves the environmental biodiversity, promotes the balanced development of all cultures and the diffusion of useful micro and macro biotic organisms in the Vineyard.

All Corte Merci wines from 2017 onwards are certified with the “Reduce, Respect, Retrench” Protocol, to give a further guarantee to our customers on the quality of our products

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