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Our vineyards in Valpolicella Classica

We can be found north of Verona in Valpolicella Classica, where the vines trace the sinuous hills of Jago di Negrar. Here the sun and its warmth give a voice to the earth, blossoming and maturing the “nectar of the gods”. The production of wine, the pleasure of wine tasting and the direct contact with us, the producers, shows that this land encompasses a universal emotion of unique values.

Our vineyards face the sun at different altitudes and in different soil, as we believe that from diversity, we can obtain the best maturing of perfume and body. The quality of our wine comes precisely from making use of the “terroir”, the wine value which is fundamental in bringing out the typical characteristics of each terrain, its story and the natural factors which are involved. Our greatest desire is that all our clients, trying the “Corte Merci” wine, will recognize its provenance and its taste. We have conceived a simple wine, but complete in its composition, in order that you may have a pleasurable, sensual experience which you will remember.

Monte Masua e Jago di Negrar

On Monte Negrar and at its feet in Jago di Negrar, we cultivate a higher quality of grapes. Here the layout of the land meets the the ideal climate that matures the best grapes and enriches our wines’ organoleptic qualities. This zone has always been considered amongst the most fertile of Valpolicella Classica due to its natural characteristics and for its capacity to reconcile the integrity, perfume and drying process.



San Ciriaco di Negrar

On the other side, we find ourselves in San Ciriaco di Negrar. In this zone, the exposure to light and warmth comes slowly through the course of the day. The vines which are cultivated here, enjoy fully the warm heat of sun’s rays in the afternoon, but the natural variation “resting and maturing” allows our wine to develop its own unique personality.

Cavreghe, Marano

With a small plot of land, we position ourselves bordering the valley of Marano di Valpolicella in the locality of Cavreghe, where the rays of the sun cradle the vines until the last dusk of the day, before disappearing behind the mountains of Lake Garda.



Torbe di Negrar

In the Torbe di Negrar hills, we cultivate the earliest grapes. These are the result of exposure to the rays of the sun from early morning because they can be found at a higher altitude compared to others, for a faster ripening which gives colour and body. Here the grapes develop in a fresh and sunny environment, perfect for these type of vines.

The love for our work

The ample space that Valpolicella gives us, the different colours that we admire each month and the substantial experience that distinguishes us, have always given us back a substantial productivity and a yield which is gratifying in its quality. Every day we get out of bed, and we repeat how our work is the best work in the world. Ours is a family run business, supported by people and family devoted to wellbeing. When we sit at the table, every day we question each other about the quality of the vines and about how our work and wine can contribute to the improvement of others. In our method of work, we are integrating mechanical systems, machinery and products of high quality in order to operate in an ethical way which benefits man and the earth. This is why we are carrying out this agricultural activity so that we can achieve a natural way of doing this as opposed to the exploitation of industrial products. We have small children to bring up, and we want to leave them an inheritance which is not only a business but a way of life in a wholesome world.

We look from above at our vines and we admire a landscape which is new and changing in each season:

In Winter...

In Winter...

...We count every single vine that we planted in Double Veronese Pergola. It is so steep in relation to the land that we lose count; it is the season where we wait and prepare.

In Spring...

In Spring...

...our eyes light up because after a season of looking after the land and the surroundings, we can see the first buds being born, it is the season of rebirth.

In Summer...

In Summer...

...we have the time to carefully look at our vines because we find ourselves under the plants carrying out the harvest and in the cellar smelling the perfume of the grapes and the wine which will be made; it is the season of the crops.

In Autumn...

In Autumn...

...We are surprised to see our land completely covered in leaves and branches which are warm in colour. They run along the hills and trace a space parallel to the sky; it is the season of transformation.

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